Month: May 2021

5 Easy-Peasy Herb Upgrades to kickstart your Flavour Bowls!

You might love sprinkling Cilantro to garnish an omelet, or Spring Onions to a Noodle bowl, but there are plenty of other herbs out there to add to your recipe library. Most folks realise that leafy greens provide a ton of nutritional benefits to the diet, but they often overlook herbs!

Teeming with nutrients like Vitamin A, C, K, folate, and fiber, herbs actually provide a ton of nutrition in a small package — and they certainly pack a flavor punch.


You don’t need a lot of them to add big flavor to a dish!


1. Add chopped basil to your omelet or besan chilas
2. toss thyme & rosemary with veggies & protein in the oven


A little goes a long way – save time and resources while cooking!

1. toss herbs with clean your fridge up veggies for a hearty flavourful soup
2. basil or carrot top pesto for quick pasta or spread for toast

It’s easy to gravitate towards the same two or three herb flavors, Here are a few great herb substitutions for cooking to try if want some inspiration…

  • Italian basil has sweet notes, so that’s why you might use it in some sweeter dishes, like a salad with fresh blueberries or citrus, a watermelon dish with feta, or even in Italian ice or ice cream.
  • Thai basil is more savory, with notes of licorice and a little bit of spice, often used in Thai and other Asian cuisines. Try using it in a noodle or ramen dish. Or you can use it in a spicy chicken salad or stir-fry with veggies.
  • Parsley, Originating from the Mediterranean, is a staple in many dishes. Parsley works well in pesto recipes, sauces, and dressings, and even as a garnish for pizzas and flatbreads. It complements cheese, tomatoes, and other delicious ingredients, like olives or truffle oil. Curly parsley will have a bit of a softer flavor, so it won’t overwhelm your dips and dishes.
Pavithra Muthalgan, Graphic Designer and founder of with her Vegan version of a loaded omlette with herbs.
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