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5 Easy-Peasy Herb Upgrades to kickstart your Flavour Bowls!

You might love sprinkling Cilantro to garnish an omelet, or Spring Onions to a Noodle bowl, but there are plenty of other herbs out there to add to your recipe library. Most folks realise that leafy greens provide a ton of nutritional benefits to the diet, but they often overlook herbs!

Teeming with nutrients like Vitamin A, C, K, folate, and fiber, herbs actually provide a ton of nutrition in a small package — and they certainly pack a flavor punch.


You don’t need a lot of them to add big flavor to a dish!


1. Add chopped basil to your omelet or besan chilas
2. toss thyme & rosemary with veggies & protein in the oven


A little goes a long way – save time and resources while cooking!

1. toss herbs with clean your fridge up veggies for a hearty flavourful soup
2. basil or carrot top pesto for quick pasta or spread for toast

It’s easy to gravitate towards the same two or three herb flavors, Here are a few great herb substitutions for cooking to try if want some inspiration…

  • Italian basil has sweet notes, so that’s why you might use it in some sweeter dishes, like a salad with fresh blueberries or citrus, a watermelon dish with feta, or even in Italian ice or ice cream.
  • Thai basil is more savory, with notes of licorice and a little bit of spice, often used in Thai and other Asian cuisines. Try using it in a noodle or ramen dish. Or you can use it in a spicy chicken salad or stir-fry with veggies.
  • Parsley, Originating from the Mediterranean, is a staple in many dishes. Parsley works well in pesto recipes, sauces, and dressings, and even as a garnish for pizzas and flatbreads. It complements cheese, tomatoes, and other delicious ingredients, like olives or truffle oil. Curly parsley will have a bit of a softer flavor, so it won’t overwhelm your dips and dishes.
Pavithra Muthalgan, Graphic Designer and founder of with her Vegan version of a loaded omlette with herbs.

Why do we love our Leafy Greens?

We're dropping some truth bombs about our favourite delicious (and sometimes crunchy) leaves!

We have to start off by saying this: 

Greens are so underrated!

Dark leafy green vegetables (think kale, chard, brussel sprouts, arugula, beet greens and more) are like nature's multi-vitamin!

BIG transformations happen when people start getting their Daily Value (DV) of greens into their plate – in everything from digestion, to energy, to their mood and overall sense of well-being.

Let's get down to basics!

  1. Leafy greens are brimming with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating a portion every day (and there are so many fun ways you can do this!) serves up Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Folates, Vitamin C, Manganese and more!
  2. Here's a fun fact: Most green vegetables are low in calories! And a larger portion of greens & protein on your plate and a smaller portion of your carb is the 'secret' formula to eating better and cleaner! Leafy-greens are proven to help with weight loss, for anti-ageing, and helps keep your heart safe while also fighting any potential diabetes! We can keep going on… 
  3. Most importantly though, green leafy vegetables are meant to be an important part of our daily diet, and with so many varieties available, it’s easy to add them to your plate.

We do everything under the sun (literally speaking) to bring you the best crispy leaves – rich in colour and flavour! So no more excuses – Eat Yo' Greens! 🙂

It's not just about 'being' healthy, it's what being healthy allows you to do!

And what's even better than knowing and experiencing all that for ourselves?
… Sharing it and watching it happen for you too! 

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