Recurring Payment Subscriptions

SaladBox (Easy Auto-Renewal)

 999.00 every 4 weeks

Get your weekly fix of Salad & Snacker goodness!
1 Salad Mix (Lettuce mix, Rockets, Rainbow Chard, Baby Spinach)  + 1 Snacker (Cherry tomatoes / Candy Peppers / Cocktail Cucumbers, etc)

(approx. 250g of leafy goodness + 250g of snacker)

Receive it FOUR times a month

Delivered within hours of harvest to your doorstep every week

Rs. 999.00

Re-bills every 4th week.

  • ZERO Pesticide
  • Sustainably Grown
  • Pause Anytime

The type of produce and weight of your box may vary by week and by season.


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