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  • How does the Subscription work?
    Freshlings is a Monthly Plant-first Nutrition Meal Program, that is delicious, functional and consistently delivered to your doorstep. We deliver 3 days a week (12 deliveries) / month or 5 days a week (20 deliveries) / month
  • I don’t know which Plan is right for me, can you help me out?"
    Sure thing! We’d love to help you pick a Plan that works for you. Do contact our Whatsapp Team on +91 9940420758 to assist you :)
  • Can I switch to another Plan midway through my Program?
    Yes, you can Upgrade your Program with a lead time of a week. Upgraded Plans will start every Monday for ease of tracking and operations.
  • How do I Upgrade my Plan from 3 day to 5 day a week in a month?
    Yes, you can choose from Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian Protein options. You can also add a Request for Vegan friendly options. All our Base Salads are Vegetarian. We currently do not offer other customisations in our Program. But we do encourage you to share your Allergies, if any, so we can notify our kitchen team.
  • How do I check the current status of my subscription?
    Our team tracks your subscription based on your plan and number of deliveries that have been made. Would you like to know how many deliveries you have remaining?
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