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We’re leading a movement to

Reimagine fast food for a new era. 


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We’re leading a movement to

Reimagine fast food for a new era

Our Mission

Fuelling Healthier Planet, People & Plants


Once upon a time there was an urban farmer...

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Every Bite Has an Impact

To define our vision for food, we work closely with urban farmers, food technologists and supply chain experts to develop a program that looks at the food system as a whole — not an issue in isolation.

Trust & Traceability through Innovation

To ensure our customers receive only the highest quality of food we follow industry best practices for safety, through CEA grown Leafy Greens & Vine Crops to tracking critical data such as temperature, workflows, food safety reporting in our Chef-less Kitchens

Creating happy people by preparing delicious, Healthy and Wholesome food home delivered. We work with urban farmers and food partners, curating high-quality local ingredients, maintaining globally certified safety standards in our kitchens and our team practicing what we preach with seasonal menus and bomb flavours in our kitchens!

Happy & Healthy Communities

Grown Closer to Cities & Better

We believe that whatever the future may bring, the closer we get to our food—and the more love we put into growing it—the better we will treat each other and our environment.

No matter where Freshlings expands to, it is always consistent in flavour, processes and diving deep into the local supply chain to get the freshest produce.

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Quick answers to the most common queries are found on our Frequently Asked Questions.

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