Freshlings team, as a part of its routine procedures, takes adequate caution in enforcing all safety and hygiene protocols for the products through all its stages of processing viz. harvest of produce to its delivery. We take adequate care in every stage of processing and packing thus serving our customers with the product in its best possible condition without any damage or defect.

In spite of our quality checks, if our product is received with the following defects, we would assure you a replacement or an equivalent alternative.


(i) Products received with damaged package

(ii) Products may at times wilt due to the excess heat in the area serviced. If the product is received in very poor condition, which is beyond normal

(iii) Missed products 


We encourage you to check the products at the time of delivery. Upon finding any defect worthy of return / replacement, the same must be communicated to Freshlings team within 3 hours of receiving the products. Claims communicated later than 3 hours of delivery, may not be accepted. Communications may be done to:






Freshlings delivers your Subscription based Box once every week, on a standard day, communicated prior to delivery. We endeavor to deliver the fresh produce during the morning hours of the delivery day. Our delivery is being executed by third party last-mile delivery partners. Therefore, it is unlikely that the delivery personnel remain the same week on week. In order to avoid taking customer’s valuable time in locating addresses on the delivery day, we encourage and request customers to provide complete addresses with landmarks, along with alternate contact numbers. We would further request customers to provide us specific instructions for delivery, in case one is not available / reachable. 


Pausing ONE week’s delivery - Due to unforeseen circumstances if a customer wishes to pause a week’s delivery, Freshlings team must be notified 1 day (24 hours) prior to the delivery date. Freshlings shall not be held responsible for not accepting delayed notifications. This is being done in order to avoid wastage of produce at the farm, packing materials and delivery costs. In a small way, heeding to our request would help save food and avoid all forms of wastage. 


Cancellation of delivery - Freshlings would take the utmost care in ensuring safety and hygiene for our customers. Any circumstance that would make us compromise on our quality of produce/delivery standards, would not be encouraged. Under such circumstances, Freshlings reserves the right to notify customers in advance on canceling the week’s delivery.