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What makes you a FRESHLING? Here's 6 ways to identify yourself >

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Welcome to the movement! We're here to tell you about some of the core values, ideas and beliefs that makes up a Freshling...

1. You are an innovator. You want to change the way the world works. You believe that every human has a potential and you embrace that!

2. You love food. When you think of food, your first thought isn't a list of nutrients. But you'd love to KNOW what you eat with ultra clarity and enjoy it while you are chowing it down!

3. You are a problem solver. You are always trying to find uber simple solutions to BIG complex problem!

4. You believe in making sustainable choices with real food ingredients and believe in technology being an equaliser!

5. You care about mental peace, health & wellness - internally and externally. All this while knocking it out of the park, in whatever you choose to do!

6. You are rooted in community. You also believe in challenging & provoking status quo. Digging deeper to find answers, than just following trends and myths.

If you check most if not all of the above, you are most likely a Freshling! We too believe what you believe and it's only fair that birds of a feather flock together. Get to know us Beyond the awesome Bowls, as there is more to it than what meets your palate! ;)

Now that we KNOW you are a disruptor, feel free to share your thoughts, opinions & ideas!

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