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Introducing Freshlings LeafyBox: Your Weekly Dose of Freshness🍃
Get your weekly fix of leafy goodness.The finest leafy greens & herbs grown for you!

Subscription Service:


  • With Freshlings LeafyBox, you can elevate your culinary game and embrace a healthier lifestyle effortlessly.


  • Our subscription service delivers a bountiful selection of premium hydroponically and greenhouse-grown greens, super veggies, and herbs, all weighing 1kg, once every week. That's four deliveries a month, ensuring your kitchen is always stocked with the freshest produce.🌱

What's Inside:
Freshlings LeafyBox is carefully curated to bring you the best nature has to offer:


Hydroponically and Greenhouse Grown Greens and Veggies!
Our greens and veggies are grown in controlled environments, using state-of-the-art hydroponic and greenhouse techniques. This ensures optimal taste, texture, and nutritional value. Zero pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals. We're committed to providing you with clean, safe, and sustainably grown produce.

Super Veggies:
Discover a variety of nutrient-packed super veggies that will help you reach your health and wellness goals. From kale to broccoli, we've got your superfood needs covered.

Elevate your culinary creations with a selection of fresh herbs. Whether you're into basil, rosemary, or cilantro, our herbs add a burst of flavor to your dishes.

Exclusive Chef-Crafted Menu:
Our in-house chef designs a unique menu each week to inspire your culinary adventures. Try new recipes and cooking techniques with the guidance of a professional chef.

📦 Delivery Schedule:
Receive your Freshlings LeafyBox once a week, providing you with an uninterrupted supply of fresh greens and veggies for all your cooking and snacking needs.🌿

Healthier Eating: Load up on nutrient-dense greens and super veggies to boost your well-being and immunity.
Convenience: Say goodbye to frequent grocery trips. Freshlings LeafyBox brings the farmer's market to your doorstep.
Sustainability: We're dedicated to sustainable agriculture, minimizing waste, and protecting the environment.
Variety: Expand your palate with a diverse selection of greens and veggies, keeping your meals exciting and delicious.🌟

Join the Freshlings Community: Become a part of the Freshlings community and embark on a journey of fresh, nutritious, and exciting culinary experiences.

📞  Have questions or need assistance? Our customer support team is always ready to assist you with your LeafyBox subscription

Zero Pesticide | Sustainably Farmed | Harvested & Processed on the day of delivery

Receive a weekly pack of:
1 Lettuce Mix

1 Super greens mix

1 Super Veggie mix

1 Herb mix


Receive the Harvest Box FOUR times a month.

Delivery every Thursday. No Pause / Skips will be accepted. 

Leafy Box

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