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Pack in some protein to your delicious in bowl, prepped with fresh & curated ingredients, made-from-scratch dressings, and a lot of love!


Select your Plan to get your dose of delicious in a bowl with Vegetarian Protein:
3 times a week / month (12 deliveries, Mon-Wed-Fri)
5 times a week / month (20 deliveries, Mon - Fri)


Power it up by Doubling (100g) or Tripling (150g) your Protein based on your goals!
Veg Protein may include: Paneer / Tofu / Chickpea / Kidney Beans

Dietary Note: Some of our Lush Bowls contain traces of dairy, gluten and/or nuts. We do not use any sugar to sweeten. We may use trace amount of honey or maple syrup in some dressings.

Lush Bowl Veg Protein

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