"In order to fix a broken supply chain,

what if, we must address the demand first?"

Hello Sunshine!

Our food system and the way in which we grow and consume is complicated.

We believe that good food can actually fix things,

and we are passionate about how we bring it to life.

Our Goal is to make plant nutrition fun and accessible.

Without having to think too much about it!
(We'll do that for you 🙂 ! )

Here's why it matters:

Delicious is in the details

Everything starts from a seed, and we start right at the source.

We work with Greenhouse & Controlled Environment Agriculturists who grow MORE with less.

We are committed to playing an active role in transforming our food system for

community health, farmer welfare and planet conservation.

Customer Love
planet Care
Farmer Trust

Measuring Our Impact

We've set out on this Mission to not just check the boxes.

We want our goals to be Clear, Measurable and Achievable.

As we grow, we'll be co-creating this impact with you, you and you.

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