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Introducing our Mighty Leafy Lettuce: The Real MVP

If you haven't already guessed, This tender leafy green is the 'Hero' of our kitchen and Lush Bowl! Our recipes are engineered to comprise fresh leafy greens or herbs in one form or another. Why are we obsessed? Well, you'll be surprised to know its not just us. #1 GREENS ARE UNDERRATED

Salad Greens are Nutritional All Stars!

Yes! The Plant Kingdom has a huuuuge variety of greens & leafy vegetables that each offer vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Big transformations happen when folks start getting their Daily Value of greens on their plates - in everything from digestion, to energy, to mood and overall sense of well-being.


Cos you are always picking the Usual Suspects

If you associate a Salad with an iceberg lettuce, we insist you widen your horizon (we got your back!) Did you know that greens contain different types of phytochemicals depending on their family, colour and age?


If the health aspect isn't enough, Here's another Grain of Truth

After the 1960s, a boom in rice and wheat production helped reduce hunger throughout India. Unfortunately, this 'Green' Revolution also took a toll on the environment, increasing demands on the water supply, greenhouse emissions and pollution from fertilisers. Did you know we can align Food Security and Environmental Goals by creating demand for crops with growing methods that feed all of and the planet in more sustainable methods?